Access and Equity Complaints and Concerns Procedure

Complaints and Concerns Procedure

Note: This procedure applies to each individual associated with POINT.

Staff, volunteers, board members, partner agencies, and clients are expected to report any individual or witnessed incident of discrimination, harassment or other unwelcome behaviour on a timely basis to the POINT Executive Director or the Board Chair. The complaint should be submitted in writing. If this is not possible, then the individual reporting the complaint should speak to the Executive Director or designated POINT staff member who will record the incident information, and pass it on to the Executive Director. This action should be filed as soon as possible after the circumstances giving rise to the complaint, but no later than one month after the occurrence.

Process for Addressing the Complaint or Concern

When a complaint or concern is reported, the Executive Director or a delegated neutral third party will investigate and/or counsel a person(s) whose behaviour may be inconsistent with POINT’s stated expectations. This investigation will begin within 3 working days of the receipt of a complaint or concern, and may be done in a formal or informal way. The investigation will be conducted in confidence and without prejudice. Where resolution is not reached, the complaint or concern, and any information/documentation collected will be brought to the attention of the POINT Board Executive Committee, who, in camera, will do the following:
  • Review the complaint or concern, and the results of the investigation / counselling provided
  • Assess the investigator’s recommendations
  • Determine a course of action, including meeting with the parties if appropriate
  • Report the incident or issue, and resolution in camera to the POINT Board of Directors.
  • Ensure that in all cases, the person(s) involved, and the complaint or concern are Treated with respect and in confidence

If the incident or issue remains unresolved, the Board will mediate or arbitrate a resolution on a confidential basis and without prejudice.

The POINT Board of Directors is committed to take whatever action is necessary to prevent any behaviours, actions, or practices which may result in discrimination and/or harassment as defined in this Access and Equity policy. The Board will investigate any complaint or concern with seriousness, sensitivity and discretion and will deal quickly and fairly with complaints as they arise.

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