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POINT has long recognized that there is an insufficient amount of affordable housing in North Toronto. As well, there is a proportionately high percentage of renters in the North Toronto community. This web page primarily will provide information on tenants rights and protection with links to relevant web sites; and provide “how to” information on the development of second suites (i.e., rooms or second apartments to let) for home owners/builders.

Clearly the urban development landscape is changing the face of North Toronto. The release of the revised Official Plan by the City of Toronto (May 2002) will no doubt have a major impact in the North Toronto community. This is where you come in. As your local community social and development planning council, YOU can get involved in housing issues through POINT. Conversely, we undertake to inform you:

  • of your rights if you are a tenant;
  • how to build additional units on to your home if you are a homeowner;
  • about urban development in the North Toronto community; and
  • of many other relevant organizations and offices that provide information on specific housing issues.

Please e-mail us at point@pointinc.org to let us know what you think of the content, and usability of this web page

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1. FAQ from The Tenant’s Survival Manual

The Tenant Protection Act

* To Whom does the TPA apply?

Leases and Tenancy Agreements

Paying Your Rent and Rent Increases

* When can my rent be increased?
* How much can my rent be Increased?
* When will the Tribunal Allow a Rent Increase Greater than the Rent Guideline?
* What can I do when my Landlord Applies for a Rent Increase Above the Guideline?
* Above-Guideline Rent Increases for Individual Apartments.
* Above-Guideline Rent Increases for Individual Apartments.
* Installation of Electric Sub-Meters in Rental Buildings.

Forming a Tenants’ Association to Challenge a Landlord’s Rent Increase


* How to Try to Stop an Eviction
* Reasons to Evict
* Eviction Procedure

Condominium Conversions/Demolitions

* Conversion to Condominium
* Conversion to Co-ownership or Equity Co-ops
* Demolition or Conversion to Non-residential Use
* Renovation Requiring Vacant Possession

* Minimum Housing Wage: A New Way to Think About Rental Housing Affordability(CMHC)
* On-line Discussion on Housing Program Choices(CHRC)

* Investigations

2. Rent Bank

3. Relevant Contact Sources


So, you want to build a Second Suite?

Dealing with Municipal Government Offices

Designing Your Own Plans.

Submitting the Application and the Application Process.

Update on Ontario’s Long- Term Affordable Housing Strategy from Stable and Affordable

(Credit: Community Social Planning Council of Toronto, Issue #1, May 2009)

The Ontario government is set to launch a province-wide housing consultation in late spring. The Ontario Housing Network, a newly formed group of housing partners,tenants and housing and poverty activists, have launched the stable and affordable campaign to ensure the provincial consultation delivers an integrated and fully-funded housing strategy. CSPC-T’s Senior Researcher and Policy Analyst, Beth Wilson has been engaged since the outset. To get the latest news about the consultations, the policies, and the politics, visit www.stableandaffordable. com.

What has the government committed to do?

Ontario’s Poverty Reduction • Strategy announced in December includes a commitment that Housing Minister Jim Watson will conduct a review of affordable housing in 2009.
  • The Minister will hold eight public consultation meetings across Ontario, starting late May / early June. Locations are not yet known.
  • Minister Watson has also committed to holding meetings with different sectors; e.g. social housing, supportive housing, Aboriginal housing.
  • The government will produce a meeting kit and encourage all MPPs to hold a consultation meeting in their riding this summer.
  • A government website will be set up to collect public input.

How can your group/community prepare for this consultation?

Contact your MPP to ask “When and where are you holding this riding’s meeting to get input on affordable housing? Put me on your list to attend.”Get updated on the recommendations which affordable housing advocates are proposing. Visit www.stableandaffordable.com.Stay tuned to www.stableandaffordable.com for details on upcoming meetings and consultations.


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